Filter your data

Dernière mise à jour : 07/09/2021

Powerslide is an interactive data visualization tool. With one click you can filter your data. Thus, you navigate through different levels of information. Data filtering also applies to the choice of data you want to display.  How do I filter? The following video explains everything.

Using the interactive filter

  1. Import your data
  2. Create your graphics with drag and drop
  3. Switch to presentation mode
  4. Click on your data to filter it
  5. Click on this data again to return to the initial state. Or click on "Clear Filters" in the top right corner

Filter the data in the graphs

After creating your chart, select the chart

In the "Data" section on the left, click on the pencil (✏️) from the Filter part

Click on "Add a new block of conditions"

Select the category you want to filter

Choose your filter operator ( =, ≠ ,>,<,≥ ,≤)

Selected the data to which the filter applies

Click on "OK"

You now know how to filter your data. The interactive presentation of data has no more secrets for you!