Create your charts efficiently

Dernière mise à jour : 07/09/2021

We developed Powerslide with the desire of saving you time and allowing you to work efficiently. In many solutions, the creation and formatting of graphs often takes place in several steps and leaves users to their own choices.

In Powerslide, it happens in two very simple steps, so simple that it seems magical!

Drag and drop your data

The first step is on your side. You just have to think about the information you want to see, for example “my revenue per month”.

The second step takes place in Powerslide with our famous drag and drop data and the automatic suggestion of the best visualization. To resume the previous case, you just have to drag and drop the two fields, months and revenue on your slide and your interactive presentation solution will automatically offer you a bar graph.

To achieve this result as simply as possible, we have integrated the best practices of data visualization into Powerslide. Choosing the right chart is a key to conveying the right information. That’s why, in addition to the choice suggested automatically, Powerslide also offers you additional visualizations adapted to the nature of your data.

To fine-tune your graphic, all you have to do is finalize the aesthetic details and for that you probably already know how to do it, since it will be as simple as in the presentation and design tools you already know.

A demo rather than words...

Discover for example the words illustrated in this article in this short video:

If you need further information do not hesitate to contact us directly. You too can create your graphics easily with Powerslide.