A tool to present and analyze your data

Whether you are CFO, team manager, data analyst, head of marketing ...  data manipulation will become easy, quick and convenient.

Bring your data to light
Not need to be an expert to transform raw data into chart and interactive data visualization. Powerslide includes all  features of modern data visualisation tools, so you can create your charts within seconds. Drag'n'drop your data on your slide and let the magic happen. Our team has worked so you get the the best representation for your data. 


Simplify information sharing
With Powerslide, simplify the sharing of your informations.
Define precisely the access control of your presentations and schedule their sending by email to your team mates..


Instant connections
Your presentations can be directly connected to your datasources et will be updated instantly via API. No more time consuming copy-pastes between Excel and Powerpoint. Your presentations will always be up to date, automatically.

The features

Powerslide has many features to help you create your data presentations

Interactive filtering

Every data vizualisation in Powerslide is interactive. Click on them to filter your data and captivate your audience.

Data update

Save time with the automated data update. Connect your multiple datasources with our API.

Scheduled emails

Easily send your presentations (PDF) to your colleagues. Personalize the message for their recipient and the emails will be sent at desired time.

User management

Easily add your team mates and define their roles. As administrator, you can set the access rights from your dedicated space.

PDF export

Export your presentations with ease and share them with your colleagues. With the PDF Export, you can share all your presentations  to use them offline.

Website integration

Highlight you data presentations by  integrating your slides in your website, and keep on enjoying their interactivity.

A solution designed for your needs

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