An intuitive interface
designed for business

Easily build your story around your data through an intuitive interface without being a Business Intelligence expert.

Switch to edit mode and start creating your presentations by dragging and dropping items onto the slide. It's as simple as that.


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A wide range of
Data Visualization

Think about the information you want to display, drag and drop your fields on your slide and Powerslide will suggest the most suitable visualization of your data thanks to its smart algorithms.


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Real-time collaboration

Take it to the next level with your collaborators by working in real time on the same presentation. All collaborators will see all actions that are done on the slide in live. When a person opens a presentation, his avatar will be activated and his actions will be visible.

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Comments and annotations

In Powerslide you will be able to bring context to your data thanks to comments and annotations.

3 levels are available:

  • Usual comments: you can simply add your comments to share your observations.
  • Bookmarks: you will be able to add comments with pre-registered filters. When you click on the bookmark, the filter will be applied.
  • Annotations: you can make comments directly on the graphs.

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Interactive maps

Create your maps with GPS coordinates or zip codes in a few drag-and-drop operations.
The color scale of your map is fully customizable and your map is interactive.
To learn more about maps, access the video tutorial.


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Always up-to-date data

As a business user you can import or directly connect your data sources (Excel or database) in Powerslide. Once imported, the different fields will be directly classified thanks to our algorithms that will detect if it is a date, a measurement, a city...

You will also be able to update your data via the APIs directly generated by Powerslide or make a direct connection to your databases or datawarehouses.


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The connectors

Easily connect your data to Powerslide thanks to our various connectors such as CSV, Excel, Google Sheet, Rest API, Zapier, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Clickhouse...


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Interactive filters

To analyze your data, no need to be a data expert. Click on your graphs and your entire dashboard will be updated through interactive filtering. This will allow you to provide accurate answers to your audience by intuitively navigating through your data.


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We created exclusive and design templates for you to save you time when preparing your presentations.

You can also create your own templates and reuse them for future presentations.
Your presentations can be fully customized according to your company's graphic charter thanks to the color palette. You can also easily add your logo thanks to the image import feature.


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Collaboration and
information sharing

Easily and securely share your work with your collaborators, you can finely control the access rights of your presentations

Communicate on your site by publishing your presentations thanks to the generation of a public link or a code to be embedded.

Powerslide is a 100% online and you can access your presentations on tablet, smartphone and computer at any time.


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