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Leverage and add value to all your data.


put your data in the spotlight

You are a local authority, an observatory, or a public service and you collect a lot of data and want to put it in open data on your platform? Powerslide allows you to fully exploit all your collected data in the form of clear and relevant data visualizations. You will thus be able to provide your audience with reliable and quality information.

Add value to your data

Data is becoming increasingly valuable, but it must be properly harnessed to make the most of it. Simply build your metrics through interactive dashboards and publish these dashboards directly on your platform in a public way. You can do it all in Powerslide.



Through the various formats that Powerslide offers, you can easily create your dashboards, your computer graphics, your banners, your presentations ... and publish them on your site while respecting your graphic charter thanks to the color palette and the addition of images.
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