Gain in productivity with a solution that allows you to visualize key indicators through an interactive dashboard.


Efficient and dynamic HR dashboards

Automate the management of your human resources with efficient dashboards to better anticipate the future.

By connecting the data from your HR software to Powerslide, you will be able to easily create interactive dashboards while ensuring the reliability of the collected data. Thus you will be able to have a daily analysis of your human resources by consulting your key indicators at a glance, updated on the fly.

Digitalize your social report

Present your social balance sheet in a different way by making your graphs and presentations in a single solution through Powerslide. From your HR data (database or Excel, or csv file), easily create your dashboards on headcount, payroll, absenteeism, training..., which will be automatically updated.

Save time by automating recurring tasks and focus on the essential tasks.


More dynamic presentations

Powerslide is an innovative solution that allows you to make interactive presentations thanks to instant filtering. Thanks to the interactive filtering, all your indicators will be updated when a filter is applied. You will thus be able to answer more efficiently to your audience.